AJ Rompza

Meet Former UCF Basketball Player

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AJ trains players from the NCAA, high school and middle school levels. His passion for basketball and character has earned the respect of many in the NBA and D1 programs.

Relentless Effort

Because of his relentless efforts to support everyone he meets, AJ has amassed following loyal fans and a network within the sports industry. He will coach you, train you, and mentor you to achieve greatness as an athlete.


His teachings will instill a healthy understanding of the principles of Basketball, promote winner mindsets on the court that will show off the court, and prepares the athlete to compete at the Top level.

The most inspiring thing is AJ’s story. It was not common in basketball culture to expect a 5’7″ scrawny kid to be a challenger on the court. But he was no underdog. Every game he would prove every doubter wrong by earning himself top ranks at every level of the sport, from grade school through college. This incredible achievement is part skill, and part mindset

Ready to Take Your Game to the Next Level

"AJ has created a platform like no other. There is more than just the training for basketball. He understands the realities of ushering athletes into the professional level of the industry."

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